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How to make a comparison table

1. Go to the Comparison Tables submenu of Amazing Linker.

2. Click on “Add New” Button.


3. Give the table title first.


4. Click the button “Add Product” as many times as your product quantity that means each click add a new product column.


5. There is some fixed row like ADD IMAGE ROW, ADD TITLE ROW, ADD REVIEW ROW, ADD RATING ROW, ADD PRICE ROW. We said them fixed because that information is added directly from Amazon so you have nothing to do. You don’t need to ADD IMAGE ROW because we make the table in a way that the images are using as a product identifiers.


6. If you need extra row, then click on ADD NEW FEATURE button. Then add the feature according to the product.

7. There is another button ADD LEBEL. The button has added another row for all products where you can identify any product individually by using lebel like best, popular, value, etc. The lebel is anything as you want. If you don’t need the lebel for any product, then leave blank the field for the product.


8. You can sort the table in any direction. Just drag the row or column and drop where you want to see it.

9. You can also delete any row or column. Just click on the trash icon behind the row or above the column.

After doing your task for making a comparison table, you have to save it. After that, you will redirect to the all tables list page, and here you get a shortcode. Just put the shortcode where you want to show the comparison table.


You can also edit or delete a comparison table at anytime.


The comparison table looks like following


You can see the video for live demonstration

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