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We firmly believe in our products. But we agree that sometimes it may not work correctly as it is supposed to work as like any other software. We are confident with our product. If any errors or bugs you find out which makes the system unusable, then please open a support ticket and send us the temporary login details of your site( such as username, password, and URL).

We usually take two working days to respond to a ticket. We are going to refund your full amount without any hesitation when we are unable to resolve the issue you faced. Within 7 days of your original purchase, you will get the full refund. If any problem occurs for a third party software, then we will not take responsibility.

Few points to be noted:

•    We will refund as soon as possible once the processing is completed. There is no specific time frame to refund.

•    Within 7 days of your purchase, refunds may only be issued. No refund request can be accepted after 7 days.

•    Refunds may not be allowed if you decide not to use the purchased products for no reasons or you buy it by mistake.

•    We might request you to give an opportunity to resolve your issues in some cases.

To submit a refund request, please contact us here.

Please note that once you have purchased this plugin, You agree to the terms of the refund policy.

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