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    8 May 2019

Five Affiliate Marketing Trends to Watch Out For In 2019

Affiliate marketing is a bit like fashion and music. If you want to get ahead, you better make sure you’re updated on the current trends so that you don’t lag behind your competition. Everyone’s trying out new things, and some of these things do work. When enough people know about it, it becomes a trend. The trick is to get into the trend as early as possible so that you maximize the potential benefits for you.
Here are some trends you need to know about affiliate marketing for 2019:

1.You’ll Need Engaging Content

This has been true for quite a while now, and the need for engaging content is like wearing blue jeans—everyone knows about it. However, you do need to make sure that your content isn’t just satisfying your audience. You have to make sure that search engines like Google know about your content too.
Written content is always popular, so don’t stint on producing how-to articles and buying guides. But video demonstrations are more significant than ever. Some topics are better covered by being shown on video rather than described by mere words. For example, if you’re trying to explain the best exercises for slimming down (and selling gym equipment along the way), you better off demonstrating on video that describing the tasks with just words.

2. Voice Search

When you’re thinking about how to rank high in Google rankings, you better think about how people are looking online to buy stuff. More and more, they’re using their smartphones to get online. A lot of people are using voice search to find the items they’re interested in, instead of typing the keywords.
This means that the keywords they enter in the search engine will be very different. They’ll be more natural, and often it’s in the form of a question (like a Jeopardy response). So if you’re a fashion blogger and affiliate marketer, you better have direct answers to such questions as “what’s a great dress for a summer party?”
You have to do a bit of research to find out exactly what type of queries your potential customers are making. This then will direct what kind of content you offer and how you title them.

3. Optimizing for Smartphone Screens

Since more people are going online to buy stuff through their smartphones, you better make sure that your affiliate marketing website is designed for the smaller screen and for the navigation tools like tapping.
There was a time when people used to design primarily for the larger monitors of PC and thought that mobile-friendly designs were a nice bonus. Nowadays, you need to make sure your website is first of all designed for mobile. Then if you want, you can have a website version for the PC too.

4. More Data, Better Insights

There is an increasing number of ways for you to gather data on your potential customers, and the knowledge you gain can help you become more effective marketers. The data you can compile can include a number of clicks, impressions, leads, or sales. You can then look through the information you get to obtain more meaningful insights.
You can set standards of performance, and then investigate more closely when things go wrong. Why are 10,000 people looking at your webpage each week, but you only make a dozen sales in that period? These investigations can help improve your performance.

5. The Use of Chat bots

Effective customer service often enhances a brand’s reputation, which is why chatbots are all the rage right now. These chatbots can interact with potential buyers without needing you to hire real people to deal with them. In 2019, expect affiliate marketers to try and make use of this tool as well.
So take note of these trends, and get on them before the other affiliate marketers do. It’s a harsh world out there, and you need all the advantages you can get!