Some Confusing Settings That You Need to Know Before Setting Up The Plugin

Some of the settings are confusing you from our plugin. So, we discuss here some of them

Don’t Consider Order for Maximum Limit if Delivery Status Completed

Suppose, You set 5 in Maximum Order Per Time Slot and one timeslot gets 5 orders for the same day. So the timeslot is blocked for that day. However, if you complete delivery for one of the orders and make the order delivery completed by clicking on “Mark Delivery As Completed” from the single order page, still the timeslot is blocked because the timeslot has 5 orders. If you want to release the timeslot after completing the delivery according to orders then you have to enable that option. That means 5 order for each timeslot for same day, already get 5 orders for the timeslot and 2 of them are completed. So if you enable the option, 2 more orders need to block the timeslot.

Disable Current Time Slot

For example, your timeslot is 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM and 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM and the current time is 9:20 AM. So, if you enable the option, the timeslot 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM is disabled.

Show Also If Cart Has Other Categories Or Products

This option is available in some settings. For example, the setting exists in Order Settings Tab > Category/Product wise Delivery Restriction. You add the Christmas Menu category in the “Hide Delivery For Product Categories”. When a customer adds a product from the Christmas menu category and a product from another category, by default the delivery option is hidden. If you still want to show the delivery option if there is a product from another category in the cart, you have to enable the option.

Heading of Delivery Section(Checkout Page)

Our plugin by default adds a heading “Delivery Information” before our plugin module. If you want to change it, you have to go to the Localization Tab > Delivery Information

Hide Heading of Delivery Section From Checkout Page

If you completely remove the Heading “Delivery Information”, go to the others tab > enable the option “Hide Heading of Delivery Section From Checkout Page”

Mark Delivery/Pickup Completed if Order Status Completed

Our plugin by default adds a delivery status “Not delivered” for delivery order and “Not Picked” for a pickup order. So when you complete the delivery/pickup, you have to change it from the single order page by clicking on the “Mark Delivery As Completed” button and then you have to also make the order completed to change the order status. That means you have to do 2 things 1. complete the delivery, 2. complete the order. If you want to reduce the task to only one then you have to enable the option from the others tab > Mark Delivery/Pickup Completed if Order status Completed. So when you make an order completed, the delivery status also changed to “Delivered”/”Picked Up”.


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Updated on January 9, 2021