How to Accommodate Shipping Along With Delivery or Pickup or With Both?

If your website is giving shipping to outside your local regions via local courier or postal service then you may want to hide the plugin module because there is no time frame when the product arrives to your customers. Also, you offer Delivery/Pickup/both to your local region or where your store located. So how can you accommodate shipping along with delivery or pickup or with both? Here we show you that. Let’s get started

1. First of all you have to enable the option named “Disable Changing Shipping Methods Based on Delivery/Pickup” from the Others tab.

2. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping and add a new zone and include the regions/postal codes where you offer the shipping facility via local courier or postal service and add a shipping method(Ex. Shipping (3-7 Business Days)). You can give any name for the shipping method. But remember you can’t make the shipping method Free shipping and the shipping method name not containing any single quote(‘) or double quote(“).

3. Go to the Exclusion tab from our plugin settings and add the shipping method name(Shipping (3-7 Business Days)) in the field named “Exclude for Shipping Method”.

4. For your customer’s better experience, change the plugin module position to “Between Your Order And Payment Section” from the Others tab.

That’s it. See the following animation of how it works actually. Here we show Shipping with local pickup but you can accommodate Shipping with any combination of delivery and pickup.


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Updated on August 16, 2021