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Please make sure you clearly understand our terms and conditions. We request you to read it carefully so that you correctly follow the use of materials, products or downloading and any other related issues.

It’s your responsibility to read our terms and conditions carefully before purchasing plugins from our website. Plugins buy from https://coderockz.com  that confirms you were agreed to our following terms and conditions. It also demonstrates that you agree to be bound with the terms and conditions of our site.

Feel free to leave this website immediately, if you reject to follow any of our terms and conditions. After that, do not subscribe to any of our products updates or services related to the product.


You are ensured by the licensed key that, you are a valid customer and will be getting our updates from the server. The plugin might not work correctly if you failed to activate the license.

Once you make the order, from that date, you’ll be getting one-year update validity. Without having a valid license, you are not allowed to make any purchased products.

Privacy policy

The information we collect may include different information, including your name, contact information and other things that identify you. 

We will not share or rent any user account data or other private information about you.

Product updates

From the day you purchased our plugins, as a customer you are going to get free updates for one year. However, it is not guaranteed that updates will be free forever. We are trying our best so that each of our products gets improved day by day and works well with the latest version of ours plugins.

Liability limitations   

On any situation, our plugins can’t be blamed for any special, direct or indirect or any eventual damages including but not restricted to any information loss, arising out of the employment, or the lack of use, the website materials, though Amazing Linker or a certified representative has been suggested of the chance of such damages.

Refund Policy

We are going to refund your full amount without any hesitation when we are unable to resolve the issue you faced. Within 7 days of your original purchase, you will get the full refund. If any problems occur for a third party software, then we will not take responsibility.

The only condition we have is, your amount will be refunded when we failed to solve your issue.


The warranty provided by our plugins has a limitation on non-conforming refund products or products containing any defects. Customer must report about the error within 7 days from purchasing to file a claim.

Customer will have to take the liability of his choice, use of the products and storage. In the event of misuse, no claim can be made and will not be accepted. 

To be sure about the issue we may have, we suggest you check our demo products from the server, before making a purchase.

Ownership and liability

Whether the product is modified or unmodified, you are not allowed to claim that as your ownership. Only Amazing Linker has the right to request all of our products. We do not provide any warranty for our products.

You are not allowed to transfer product license and user accounts.

Account suspension and termination

Any user may get suspended or terminated without any notice, and our plugins have the full rights to do that. Well, there can be several reasons including:

•    Negativity or rude behavior with any staff of “Amazing Linker” or with any of our customers.

•    Doing any illegal acts like spamming, hacking or software piracy, or trying to promote to any competitor.

•    It can be for other security reason also. But once a suspended decision is taken that means your accounts will not be reversed.  

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