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Quickstart with Amazing Linker

To start with the Amazing Linker plugin, you have to follow the following steps

1. Install Plugin:After finishing your purchase, you will get a link to download Amazing Linker and you will also get your license key. After downloading, to install the plugin, login to your WordPress dashboard and install the plugin via the “Upload Plugin” functionality. Then you have to activate the Amazing Linker WordPress Plugin. You have to navigate to “Amazing Linker” and go to “Settings” submenu. Here you will find the activation Tab. Simply put your license key and click on “Activate License.” after a short period of time, you will know your license status.

2. Amazon Product Advertising API: After activating the plugin, you have to put the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key in the credential tab from the same screen. To know how to get your credentials, click here

3. Setting up your Amazing Linker plugin: After setting up the credential go to the associate tab and put your associate country and associate id. If you want to OneLink functionality also known as link localization of Amazon then set your OneLink Ad Instance ID. To know how to get your OneLink Ad Instance ID, click here. Remember the feature is only available for US associates.

4. Settings: Go to the settings tab and set the value as you want. Here nothing is complicated, so you will quickly understand what you have to do, and also we give some recommendations for you.

After doing all of those successfully, you will ready to use the Amazing linker’s amazing shortcode. Click here to know all the shortcodes available in Amazing Linker.

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